Direct Deposit Resources

Join more than 90 million workers on the Direct Deposit bandwagon! Additional resources for your promotional campaign are available:

Financial Literacy Tool Kit

This program was created to promote electronic payments and financial literacy. The toolkit consists of a generic presentation with a script and quick reference handouts. These resources should provide a general understanding of ACH electronic payments while promoting the quality and safety of electronic payments made via ACH.

Your organization may have programs dedicated to teaching people of all ages the basics about financial education, whether they are receiving their paycheck via Direct Deposit via ACH, paying utility bills with Direct Payment via ACH, or contemplating the use of electronic payments, the resources contained in this toolkit can help them maximize financial decisions. The toolkit is yours to us to as part of your current program or to start a financial literacy program. A script has been included in the notes section of the PowerPoint presentation.


What's so important about Direct Deposit?

Your customers expect convenience at almost every point in time. Direct Deposit offers peace of mind and reliability for electronic payment transactions. The biggest ongoing challenge is continually educating your customers of the benefits of Direct Deposit.

Ways to Promote Direct Deposit. It's easy when you start with some basic ideas:

  • Participate in national awareness campaigns by planning promotions during the official Direct Deposit Month (May).
  • Decorate your lobby for Direct Deposit Month. Use Direct Deposit balloons, posters and signs to steer employees and customers to sign-up tables. Keep informative brochures and authorization forms at tables.
  • Help your customers encourage their employees to sign up for Direct Deposit, at various times such as new employee orientation or benefit fairs.
  • Provide paycheck stuffers that proclaim the benefits of Direct Deposit to your customers. Encourage them to include the stuffers with the paychecks of those employees still receiving paper checks.
  • Suggest that your customer send a company-wide email to their employees encouraging them to sign up and / or promote Direct Deposit.
  • Provide Direct Deposit Buttons or t-shirts to your customers. Suggest that they ask all human resource or customer service staff to wear the buttons or shirts on payday.
  • Provide articles about Direct Deposit that your customers can feature in their company newsletter and on the company website.