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What's an NCP®?

The National Check Payments CertificationTM Program is intended, in part, to recognize an elevated level of payments acumen among payment professionals.

Since 2005, the check payment system has undergone sweeping changes unlike anything previously seen in U.S. payments history. The processing of paper checks is declining and the check system has only a small transition left to become a fully electronic payment system. According to the 2010 Federal Reserve Payments Study, during 2009 approximately 3% of checks were cleared as paper transactions. This means 97 percent of forward collection is now accomplished using image exchange.     

Through the certification process, National Check ProfessionalsTM (NCPs) will demonstrate a working knowledge of every significant aspect of the new check payment system including products and operations, relevant rules and laws that govern checks, industry standards and fraud and risk mitigation considerations.  Additionally, NCPs will explore those characteristics of check payments that make checks unique among payments and that continue to provide lasting value for tens of billions of payments each year valued at tens of trillions of dollars.


Why should I become certified?

  • A National Check Professional (NCP®) designation recognizes professionals who have successfully proven a certain level of understanding of the current check payments landscape. This sets you apart by:
  • Recognizing your knowledge and comprehension of check payments
  • Recognizing you as a leader in your field
  • Strengthening your professional credibility
  • Demonstrating your
    commitment to customer service
  • Demonstrating your commitment to stay on the leading edge of industry trends and topics of interest
  • Positioning you for professional advancement


Why should I have my employees certified?

The National Check Payments CertificationTM program enhances the credibility of your team and gives you a competitive advantage in a constantly changing and challenging environment with:

  • Improved customer service
  • Improved audit performance
  • Enhanced understanding of industry products, trends, and practices
  • Increased understanding of how and why check payments continue to provide value for your customers
  • Increased industry leaders
  • An industry-recognized opportunity for employee professional development and advancement 


UMACHA Can Help!

UMACHA will help you attain and renew the National Check Payments CertificationTM (NCP®) designation by providing a variety of preparation and recertification training sessions for NCP candidates including webinar and classroom sessions. Check out our Course Schedule for these sessions. Continuing education credits are also available by attending Payments University and the Navigating Payments conference.


Training Review Courses by UMACHA

  • National Check Professional Certification Preparation Webinar Series
  • NCP 2-Day Review Workshop: held at the UMACHA Office, Brooklyn Park, MN 

Renewing the NCP® Certification

NCP® accreditation is valid for three years and you may maintain your status by earning and reporting 30 continuing education credits during this time-frame or passing another exam. Participation in NCP® training sessions, Payments University, and select annual conference sessions all qualify as continuing education credits.

National NCP® Day

Each year NCP® Day will be celebrated on the 3rd Monday in August. Click here for more information on how this day will be recognized and for ideas on celebrating in your office.

2013 Webinar Recording: 
Click here to view a recording of the first NCP Day celebration! For a copy of the presentation click here. (Please excuse technical difficulties during last several minutes of recorded session.)
View recording for 1.2 NCP CE Credits 

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“NCP (Certification) has definitely helped me have a better understanding of check processing. I realized that there was a lot that I did not know. I am now more confident in answering questions and dealing with issues related to processing. I think that it is a great program to offer to people within the banking industry.”

-- Lisa L Heller, NCP
TP, Section Manager Research
& Adjustments, Officer
Bank of the West

“The NPC is an outward recognition of the industry knowledge I've acquired that can assist organizations to improve their management of check payments.”

-- Eric Dotson
Executive Vice President
Aptys Solutions



Carolyn Lockwood*, NCP              Paul Rogers, AAP, NCP
Deanne Rentsch, AAP, NCP   Todd Cordes, NCP
Lorrie Johnson*, AAP, NCP   Jann Marie Nelson, NCP
Maylene Oczak, AAP, NCP   Shannon Rumpca, NCP
Mary Zaiger, AAP, NCP   Penny Packer*, NCP
Doreen Stahlbusch, AAP, NCP            Ria Maharaj*, AAP, NCP
Christopher Stockton*, NCP   Debra Tayerle, NCP
Dana Moeller, AAP, NCP   Robert Ruud*, NCP
Michelle Copher, NCP   Jen Wasmund*, AAP, NCP
Rebecca Tourdot, NCP   Michelle Groff, AAP, NCP
Carrie Aitchinson, NCP   Maureen La Tendresse, NCP
Pam Dinzebach, NCP   Ryan Fox*, NCP
Michelle Carlson*, NCP   April Hansen, NCP
Fred Laing, II, AAP, CCM, NCP     * denotes newly certified in 2013
New NCP's 2014    
Christy Lee Arendt, NCP   Jessica Perkins, NCP
Amy Ausen, NCP   Deborah Rehorst, NCP
Brenda DeNucci, NCP   Joanna Skiff, AAP, NCP
Lisa Erickson, NCP   Teresa Sorensen, AAP, NCP
Morgan Paige Gatzemeier, NCP   Polly Thorsness, NCP
Paula Hillman, NCP   Jacquelyn Twedt, AAP, NCP
Katherine Oftedahl, AAP, NCP   Grant Bilski, AAP, NCP



For more information go to: http://www.eccho.org/ncpc