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What's an AAP?

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Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) designation is obtained by passing a nationally administered exam given annually in October. The AAP exam covers a wide range of ACH information including; knowledge of the ACH Network and comparative payment systems; knowledge of ACH rules and regulations; technical ACH skills, including operational requirements; understanding of ACH products and applications; risk management and other policy issues; marketing ACH services; management of electronic payment services; Regulation E and other federal requirements.

AAP accreditation is valid for five years and you may maintain your AAP status by earning and reporting continuing education credits or passing another AAP exam. Participation in UMACHA's ACH training sessions and annual conference all qualify as continuing education credits.

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UMACHA Can Help!

UMACHA will help you attain the Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) designation. Many financial institutions and companies want staff to become AAPs to show their commitment to having expert ACH knowledge so that they may ensure safe and efficient processing of customer's electronic payments. AAPs demonstrate experience and expertise in ACH operations, product management and marketing strategies.

UMACHA provides a variety of preparation training sessions for AAP candidates including telephone and classroom sessions. Check out our Course Schedule for sessions.

UMACHAs '4-Step Plan' to prepare YOU to take the AAP Exam!

The AAP 4-Step Plan begins with a 60 minute webinar designed to be taken in the VERY preliminary stages of your decision to take the AAP exam.  In this webinar, there will be a review of what to expect when you take the exam including study and test-taking tips. There is also a 1-day workshop where participants perform multiple hands-on exercises to determine their strengths and weaknesses in the different areas of the AAP exam. This workshop will help you plan your course of study as you further prepare for the AAP exam.

Click here for information and registration: 4 Step AAP Study Plan for 2014

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Seize the opportunity to enhance your career and promote your credibility as an Accredited ACH Professional now.

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