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Hungry for ACH Knowledge?

Feed your hunger for ACH knowledge in 2014!

Dining and Discussion - 2014

What could be better than an appetizer of ACH…or a first course about recent Rules Updates…or an entrée featuring a discussion of exceptions and returns…or another hot topic? Join us for our new 2014 menu of items.  Each session features a roundtable discussion of the hot topic du jour, while you dine in your office. Expand and broaden your payments knowledge – and qualify for 1 AAP continuing education credit for each session!

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UMACHA's Education Circle

A circle continues and never ends - just like your education - continues and never stops

How does the Education Circle work?

  1. This Education Circle is available to "Members ONLY!"
  2. The "savings" amount that you will experience is a further reduction in the already reduced "Member" rate for UMACHA's Professional Development Courses.
  3. Select one or more of the "package's that best fits your Financial Institution's education needs or plan.  (You are NOT required to select the specific sessions you will be attending at the time you select and purchase your "package" - this will be done as needed).
  4. Upon payment of your Education Circle "package" - you will receive "coupons" via email which can be used in printed form with your invoice or electronically with the code assigned to the coupon(s) when registering online.
  5. Education Circle Package coupons MUST be redeemed in the year purchased.
  6. The Education Circle "coupons" can be used by any person at your Financial Institution (they are not limited to the person/individual who originally selected the package(s).
  7. Your Financial Institution is solely responsible for the "electronic coupons" you'll receive upon purchase - and they will NOT be replaced (please store securely).
  8. Education Circle excludes Symposiums, Payments University, and the Navigating Payments Conference.

How do I join UMACHA's Education Circle?

Complete the Education Circle 2014 Registration form and fax to UMACHA at 763-549-7004 or email your request with the Package number/name to  Please be sure to include method of payment - payment is required BEFORE the "coupons" will be sent via email.

Click here for Education Circle Package details.

High Standards of Education and Knowledge-Based Training

Education is a key component of any training program. At UMACHA, you'll find comprehensive programs to supplement and enhance your ACH knowledge and all facets of electronic payments.

Is your financial institution committed to "high performance"? Do your employees have a firm grasp on the necessary information they need to carry out their daily job functions? UMACHA's Professional Development program has training for all competency levels, from the ACH beginner to the AAP (Accredited ACH Professional), along with topics ranging from receiving/originating ACH files to risk management to audit to check conversion products.

How do I know which workshops and webinars are right for me?

Basic sessions [B] are intended for those with very little or no ACH knowledge.

Intermediate sessions [I] are intended for those with 6 months or more ACH experience.

Advanced sessions [A] are intended for the seasoned ACH professional with more than 2 years ACH experience or a good working knowledge of ACH.

Webinar Schedule - January through June 2014
Workshop Schedule - January through June 2014

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Can't decide which topic(s) is best for your staff or perhaps your schedule is too hectic?

Do you see two or three session topics that would be ideal for your staff, but can't seem fit them all into your operations schedule?  No problem!  We can design an individual training session based on your educational needs covering one or more topics of your choice.  Call us today to schedule a UMACHA delivery of COLA - Customized On-Location Assistance. We have affordable pricing for whatever time you have available for your individualized training (half-day, full-day, evenings - or just about any time).  COLA is easily adapted to meet your needs!